Baby Boy (and an adventure for Big Sister)

In February, Lord willing, we will be welcoming our little Joseph Robert into the big, wide world!IMG_1360
Joseph Robert. Named after a great man of God (Joseph), and after his father and my grandfather (Robert).

Seeing all four pumpkins sitting there makes it seem just that much more real. This time just two years ago, we were two about to become one. Then we were three. Now, we are four. It’s amazing how fast life can change.


Of course, after I snapped these obligatory photos for the name reveal, Isabelle and I enjoyed the lovely fall morning for a while.


(my little explorer wanting to climb. she made it almost to the top all by herself.)IMG_1486

(not the best picture ever, especially since her poor runny nose is front and center… but I love that thoughtful, focused look in her eyes)IMG_1480

(she loves holding and playing with the little “baby brother” pumpkin so much. I hope she’ll be just the same with her real baby brother)IMG_1522

(all of these were me experimenting with a 50mm, f1.8 lens for the first time. obviously still need a lot of practice, but I think I’m starting to fall in love with the fixed lens.)


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