Toddler + Honey = Cute, Sticky Mess

Sometimes I have brilliant ideas to make my life easier as the mom of a toddler. And sometimes, I do things that make me question my sanity.

Today’s lunch was one of the latter occasions.

Lunch this afternoon included leftover sweet potato fries. I usually dip mine in honey. And without really thinking it through, I let Isabelle share in the sticky goodness.

She, of course, eagerly began dipping her fries. And then dipping and licking her fingers. And then rubbing her sticky little fingers all over everything in reach.


Cue the “what was I thinking?” groan.


Seriously, who in their right mind would give a toddler free reign over a bowl of honey?

At least she had fun and she ate all of her fries. That’s what really matters, right?


I’m definitely thankful that both tablecloths and toddlers are quite washable.


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